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Useful Resources

We at All new Bank Charges from Hell have create a useful list of websites for you if you would like to take further action against your bank or building society

Financial Ombudsman Service the independent service for settling disputes between businesses providing financial services and their customers.

The Consumer Forums - Consumer Action Group CAGMag latest consumer rights news.

Bank Charges Reclaiming: It's still possible to get £1,000s back › Reclaim £1,000s Bank Charges Reclaiming: Get £1000s back even after Supreme Court ruling.

Bank Charges, Penalty Charges, Financial Ombudsman, Banking UK's premier banking and financial expert ombudsman to help your bank charges, penalty charges, reclaim bank charges.

Complain to the Ombudsman | unfair bank charges | legal help from

The Financial Ombudsman Service has legal powers, can award you compensation, can require the bank to respond, and is free to use. You can download the The Office of Fair Trading

OFT. Enforces consumer protection law and competition law, reviews proposed mergers and conducts market studies. Decisions, and press notices. OFT launches test case on unauthorised overdraft charges - The ...

Lending Standards Board - Ensures that banks and building societies comply with the lending codes, and also interprets and develops the codes.

Decided cases - The Supreme Court

Mortgage arrears or payment difficulties : Directgov - Money, tax and

Difficulties with paying your mortgage? Find out what you can do, who to contact and who can help.

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The "Unfair (Contracts) Terms Act 1977" and the "Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999", are designed to protect you as a consumer. This Legislation specifies that in order for a charge to be lawful it must represent the actual financial loss sustained by your bank.

The arbitrary nature of blanket bank charges means that all customers are charged the same regardless of the sum involved. However, the only charges that are legally applicable are ones covering the actual losses sustained by the bank in administrative costs and interest

With consumers paying up to £40 for a typical unpaid direct debit for a transaction that may have cost the banks a few pence. It's not hard to see why the banking sector has seen record profits in recent years. What's more, as these charges are unenforceable under current legislation you are entitled to get these charges back for the last six years.

So how can Charge Claims help? Although these charges are unenforceable its not as simple as just asking for them back. The banks do not want to pay out and will try every tactic in order to avoid this. offers a complete service – customers simply sign up and experts do all the work for them.'s expertise in contract and consumer law provides customers with the clout and the confidence to take on the banks and cream off some of the fat cats' profits. read more at Reclaiming bank charges How can you still reclaim fees This is Money

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